MFA in Visual Art

Tuition & Scholarships

VCFA is committed to providing a progressive and affordable education in the arts.

Our commitment includes helping our students pay for graduate school through merit scholarships, need-based scholarships, as well as program-specific fellowships. We provide support in accessing educational loans, external scholarships, and payment plans. 

All applicable fees and charges are payable in advance of enrollment. Tuition is due on a semester basis on the first day of each new semester. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

All MFA students will be billed for the semester (tuition; room and board for students staying on campus; the single-room fee for students who request a single room, if available; and the residency equipment fee), with the exception of graduating students who are charged room and board (if staying on campus) and the residency fee for their final semester. 

Summer/Fall 2018 & Winter/Spring 2019

MFA in Visual Art 

  • Semester tuition (6 months): $12,538.00
  • Room and board (per residency): $877.00
  • Residency equipment fee (per residency): $491.00
  • Total (per 6-month semester): $13,906.00

Tuition & Fees 2018-2019

Visual Art Scholarships

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Tuition Policy

Enrollment Deposit Fee

New students are required to pay an enrollment deposit fee (see tuition and fee schedule for each program) prior to their initial residency or registration. The deposit is applied to the matriculated student’s first semester of tuition and fees.

Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policy

The withdrawal must be in writing and should be sent directly to either the student’s program office or the Registrar’s Office. The date of withdrawal is the earlier of:

  • Date the student notifies the college; or 
  • Ending date of the previous term if the student fails to register for a new term. 

It is understood that a student who fails to notify Vermont College of Fine Arts of withdrawal from the program or semester is obligated for all tuition assessed for the complete semester. Students who withdraw prior to the end of the semester should refer to the current tuition policies statement for information about appropriate tuition refunds. The amount of the refund, if applicable, will be determined by the effective date of the withdrawal and the balance of the student’s account, after financial aid adjustments, as of the withdrawal date. 

Financial aid adjustments are based on federal guidelines. 
Tuition is partially reversed or refunded when students withdraw completely from the program or go on leave after a semester has begun. The amount of the refund, if applicable, will be determined by the effective date of the withdrawal. Please see the Withdrawal & Refunds section of the Student Handbook for more specific details on the withdrawal and refund schedule.