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No matter what type of event/meeting or how large, we can assist you in finding the perfect space to fit your needs. All rooms are handicapped accessible unless otherwise noted.


Contact Tanya Patterson, Event Coordinator

[email protected] 

(802) 828-7062

Event Spaces & Meeting Rooms

Alumnx Hall

Address: 45 College Street, Montpelier, VT 05602

This VCFA premiere space is perfect for cocktail parties, fundraisers, receptions, weddings, presentations, dinners, formal events and art exhibitions. Renovated in 2016, this stunning architecture has high ceilings with exposed beams, new finished hardwood floors, and a mezzanine that overlooks the College Green. This venue is large enough to accommodate a wide variety of events and setup needs and will be sure to stun any quest.

Setup Options

  • Theater – 600 guest capacity
  • U-Shaped with 8’ tables – 84-90 guest capacity
  • Classroom with 8’ tables – 280 guest capacity
  • Square with 8’ tables – 80 guest capacity
  • Banquet Rounds – 200 guest capacity

College Hall

Address: 36 College Street, Montpelier, VT 05602


The Chapel

Built with both Victorian Gothic and Renaissance architectural detail, this classic auditorium hosts concerts, performances, and formal ceremonies. It features a formal stage with a large pipe organ, a grand piano, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the College Green. This space is stunningly unique, with its hand-painted filigree ceiling murals and gold-stenciled Doric paneling.

Setup Options:

  • Theater — 200 guest capacity
  • U-Shaped with 8′ tables — 84-90 guest capacity
  • Classroom with 8′ tables — 40 guest capacity
  • Square with 8′ tables — 44 guest capacity
  • Banquet Rounds — 72 guest capacity

The Gallery

The Gallery is much more than a gallery. This beautiful space is great for parties, wedding receptions, performances, music events, dinners, lectures, and so much more. Large arch windows, trimmed wood paneling, and a grand piano surround this space, with two grand doors leading to the Green and a classic tiered fountain. The college’s cafe abuts this space, with a private door for guests to enter should the event move to the bar.

Setup Options:

  • Theater — 160 guest capacity
  • U-Shaped with 8′ tables — 44 guest capacity
  • Classroom with 8′ tables — 40 guest capacity
  • Square with 8′ tables — 24 guest capacity
  • Banquet Rounds — 80 guest capacity

The Vault

This gem is in a southern corner of College Hall across from Cafe Anna and hails as a little castle. Lit by gallery track fixtures, the Vault is framed with floor to ceiling wood trimming and four arc windows. Though small, it is a precious gathering space with great energy.

Setup Options:

  • Theater — 28 guest capacity
  • U-Shaped with 8′ tables — 12 guest capacity
  • Classroom with 8′ tables — 16 guest capacity
  • Square with 8′ tables — 16 guest capacity

Rooms 103, 204 & 205

College Hall has three rooms available for small parties of 20 or fewer individuals, best suited for classes and small meetings.

Room 206 & 208

Looking for a space to host a meeting, lecture, or training? These rooms in college hall serve as a perfect venue to gather, with conference tables and sufficient space for movement. 206 features an open lounging area abutting the conference area. 206 features an open lounging area and contains a small kitchenette.

Setup Options:

  • Theater — 32 guest capacity
  • U-Shaped with 8′ tables — 20-28 guest capacity
  • Classroom with 8′ tables — 24 guest capacity
  • Square with 8′ tables — 24-32 guest capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking & Accommodations

When are your blackout dates?

All rentals are closed from December 15 through February 1 for winter residency and July 1 through August 15 for summer residency

What is the deposit required to reserve the space?

We do not require a deposit for reserving spaces.  We ask for full payment one week after the final invoice.

Do you require a damage deposit?

For any damages incurred during the event, we will invoice for a $500 damage fee.

Damage to VCFA property as a result of a group function will be at the renter’s expense. VCFA cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items used before, during, or after an event.

Can I customize my room setup for an event?

Yes, your event setup can be customized.

No Catering Offered

Can we bring our own caterer or food for our event?

Yes, you may use any caterer of your choosing. Please ensure they provide a certificate of liability one week prior to the event. Our conference services staff can inform you of other local catering options.

Can we provide our own alcohol for our event?

Due to Vermont State liquor laws and VCFA’s liquor license, all alcohol in College Hall must be catered by Good Taste Catering (VCFA preferred caterer) or a licensed bartender of your choosing. Please ensure they provide a copy of their bartender’s license and certificate of liability one week prior to the event.

In other buildings on campus, any group that would like to serve alcohol at their event needs to contract with a licensed caterer and submit a permit. The permit needs to be turned in with the room setup sheet at least two weeks before the event.

Event Policies & Regulations

Is there a charge for setting up/decorating the day before?

If the room is available, we will allow this for a $100 fee.

What happens if my room setup is late or I need to make last minute changes?

There is a $100 fee for submissions or changes made within two weeks of the event. We may not be able to accommodate changes within 48 hours of the event.

Are there noise regulations for using the space?

Yes, music and loud noise must end by 9 pm.

Are there any restrictions on event start and end time?

Yes, events can start as early as 8:00 am and must end by 11 pm (including breakdown).

Are we allowed to light candles in your facility?

No, candles and open flames are not allowed in our buildings. LED candles are welcomed.

Are there restrictions on decorations at your facility?

Yes. All decoration should be table top.

Glitter, hay, confetti, tinsel, or other loose items scattered on the floor, walls, windows, or elsewhere are not permitted. Nothing may be taped, tacked, or in any way affixed to the facility’s glass, walls, doors, or ceilings on any interior or exterior surface of the facility without prior approval. Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of booth-marking tape, carpet tape, and tape residue left on floors. Failure to remove tape or tape residue will result in labor and materials charges assessed against the user. No screws, nails, etc. may be driven into any part of the facility.

VCFA policy prohibits the covering of building signage, art, emergency procedures, or other building surfaces without written prior permission.

Do you allow smoking?

Guests of VCFA wishing to smoke must use designated outdoor locations. There is no smoking within 25 feet of any campus building.

Price Lists

Room Prices Per Day (Weekdays)

Alumnx Hall

  • $ 2100

College Hall

  •  The Chapel – $750
  •  The Gallery – $650
  •  The Vault – $250
  •  Room 103 – $250
  •  Room 204 – $250
  •  Room 205 – $250
  •  Room 206 – $325
  •  Room 208 – $325

Room Prices Per Day (Weekends & Special Events)

We offer two options for your wedding or special event.

Tier 1: Space and Special Event Staff

  • Alumnx Hall — $2730
  • College Hall Chapel — $1430
  • College Hall Gallery — $1330

Tier 2: Space + Special Event Staff and Furniture

  • Alumnx Hall — $2730 + furniture rentals*
  • College Hall Chapel — $1430 + furniture rentals*
  • College Hall Gallery — $1330 + furniture rentals*

* See the Furniture Price List below.

Equipment Prices

Audio/Visual & Add-ons

  • LCD Projector — $100 each (limit 4)
  • Projector Screen — $55 each (limit 8)
  • Flat Screen TV — $65 each (limit 7)
  • Sound System — $50 each (limit 2)
  • Wireless Handheld Microphone — $45 (limit 1)
  • Wired Handheld Microphone — $30 each (limit 6)
  • Audio/Visual Cart — $10 (limit 1)
  • Extension Cords — $10 each (limit 5)
  • Tablecloths — $10 each

Weekend Support & Personnel

  • Media Coordinator fee – $250/full day $125/half day (minimum 4 hours)
  • Event Staff – $250/full day $125/half day (minimum 4 hours)

Furniture Price List

Furniture Rental

  • 8′ Round Tables — $15 each (limit 12)
  • 8′ Rectangular Tables — $10 each (limit 25)
  • Metal Chairs — $1 each (limit 250)
  • 8’x12′ Platform (8″ riser) — $100 (limit 1)
  • 8’x24′ Platform (8″ riser) — $200 (limit 1)
  • 16×28 Platform (8″ riser) — $300 (limit 1)
  • Caterer’s Station (20’x20′ enclosure) — $150 (limit 1)
  • Podium — $10 (limit 1)
  • Side Table for Podium — $10

Weekend Support & Personnel

  • Media Coordinator fee – $250/full day $125/half day (minimum 4 hours)
  • Event Staff – $250/full day $125/half day (minimum 4 hours)