(Last updated May 12, 2021)


After careful consideration, the college has determined that the summer 2021 Writing & WCYA residencies will be held remotely, with no faculty, students, or staff traveling to campus. The college will continue to monitor vaccination progress and pandemic developments and will make a decision about the format for summer 2021 Visual Art and Music Composition residencies on May 1.

Space rentals and on-campus events are also on hold. Any updates will appear on this page.


HEERF II — Emergency Relief Grants

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HEERF Quarterly Expenditure Report, 12/31/20 »

HEERF Quarterly Expenditure Report, 9/30/20 »

Under the CARES Act in January 2021, VCFA became eligible for a second allocation of federal dollars in the amount of $71,143 to provide emergency grants to students. These emergency funds can be used to cover expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to coronavirus including eligible expenses under your cost of attendance, such as food, housing, course materials, technology, health care, and child care.

VCFA created criteria for eligibility for grant awards based on need and enrollment in degree programs at VCFA in March 2021. Two tiers were identified which were based on Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as reported on students’ 2020-21 or 2021-22 FAFSAs that the college has on record. The tiers were: EFC between 0-2000 and 2001-10,000. Grant awards for students with EFC of 0-2000 were $660, and grant awards for students with EFC of 2001-10,000 were $280.

All students were emailed this information about eligibility on April 16, 2021, and were given an opportunity to alert VCFA by completing a short survey if their financial circumstances had changed due to the pandemic in order to be considered for an award or a larger award. If you are/were a student who was enrolled in March 2021 and had extenuating circumstances that prevented you from acting on the email sent in April, please contact VCFA at [email protected] as soon as possible.

As of May 7, 131 grants have been issued totaling $71,260.