Protest Art and The Art of Protest: An Assembly

How do works of art become acts of political discourse? How might artists be at the center of viable, enduring, meaningful resistance and dialogue within their communities? 

protest-art.pngThis event will be a multi-disciplinary exploration of the form and content, purpose, and history of protest art and the art of protest. Join us in a shared determination to connect artistic practice to political protest, and with full awareness that the mindful process of artistic innovation is inherently political. 

Lectures, workshops, and process statements will provide the jumping off points for hands-on collaborative and individual creative projects of meaningful and expressive resistance in the service of social justice.

Our vision for the four day assembly includes a mixture of presentations, panels, and the launching of collaborative and individual projects emerging from discussions such as:

  • Identity, Intention, and Creative Communication: How might Artists remain Authentic in the Service of Social Change?
  • Urgency in the fact of Environmental  (and Global) Emergency: Can our Art be Timely as well as Enduring? 
  • Oppositional Graphic Design: The Power in Creating Critical Images and Subversive (such as anti-capitalist) Narratives, and
  • Is there an Us in the U.S.? Immigration Policy and the Construction of Nation, Community, Neighborhood, and Self

Online pre- and post-planning, discussion forums, and work-sharing will extend the engagement and provide a site for inquiry. Post-assembly activities include an ongoing website for digital discussion and project development, as well as a self-assessment process. 

Whether you are an artist, musician, designer, filmmaker, or writer, we are determined to foster an ongoing collective in a playful and inventive atmosphere in which you and your work will make a meaningful contribution.

Tuition & Fees


  • VCFA students, faculty, and alumni: $275
  • All others: $325

Room and Board (optional)

  • $180, includes single dorm room, with Thursday evening arrival and departure by Monday noon and breakfast/lunch/dinner Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; vegan and gluten-free available.


Most attendees opt for on-campus housing, both for the convenience and the camaraderie. These are simple dormitory accommodations with single room, and shared baths except in special-needs situations (and subject to availability).

For those who don’t care to stay in the dorm, Montpelier offers a range of hotels, inns, motels, and guest houses (listing available upon request).

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Stephen Pite

Co-Director, Faculty

Jennifer Skinder


Assembly Dates

August 18-21, 2017

Registration Deadline

  • Ongoing

Cancellation Policy

If you need to withdraw from the Assembly, inform the Coordinator no later than July 1 for a full refund. Cancellations received after July 1 will be refunded at 50%.


  • Abby Frucht, Co-Director
  • Stephen Pite, Co-Director
  • Jennifer Skinder, Coordinator


  • Abby Frucht
  • Nikki Juen
  • Lauren Markham
  • Silas Munro
  • Stephen Pite

Guest Artists

  • Kevin Lo
  • Nate Marshall
  • Maple Rasza
  • Emily Rose Schofield

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