The Artists Development fund is geared toward emerging writers, visual artists, graphic designers, teachers, musicians, and filmmakers who are looking to further their education with an advanced degree. The Fund will help financially support artists from diverse backgrounds by providing them access to the highest level of graduate arts education.

“The Artists Development Fund proves our commitment to embrace and empower emerging artists from around the world. Artists can only continue working and thriving if opportunities exist for them to expand their practice, broaden their experience, and strengthen their support network. I am grateful to the Martin Foundation for its generous donation that has helped start this important Artists Development Fund,” said Thomas Christopher Greene, president of Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Greene said that donors, like the Martin Foundation, who give to the Artists Development Fund will contribute to the long-term sustainability of VCFA as a critical gateway for those looking to help shape our culture through the arts. Put simply, patrons that donate are investing in VCFA’s students, the college’s growing potential, and the future of arts throughout the world.

The Artists Development Fund has been designed to provide support in five different outlets specific to any and all students who attend VCFA. These segments are:

  • Glover Fund for Writers, Authors & Publishers
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Art & Design
  • Emerging Filmmakers & New Composers
  • Contemporary Educators

As the Artists Development Fund grows, it will become an important and necessary next step in building a successful and sustainable arts college and alumnx community. The Fund will help strengthen the VCFA artist community, which stretches far beyond Vermont’s borders.

For more information on the Artists Development Fund, click here or contact Alissa Auerbach, Director of Development, at 802-828-8555 and [email protected].

You can also read our brochure here.