Artists Development Fund

To ensure artists have the means to follow their muse and develop their passion, Vermont College of Fine Arts has created the Artists Development Fund.

The Artists Development Fund will prove our commitment to embracing emerging artists and inspiring them to transform their work and their career. Our goal is to raise millions in support of the scholarships that benefit students in all eight of our graduate-level programs.

In many ways, the Fund will be the most significant instrument in growing the College and our students.

Supporting artists

The arts community at Vermont College of Fine Arts is a special place and we believe our network of artists, writers, designers, musicians, teachers, and filmmakers to be an energetic and burgeoning force in the global art world.

The Artists Development Fund will help financially support artists from diverse backgrounds by providing them access to the highest level of graduate arts education to further their creativity. Artists can only continue to work and thrive if we continue providing them with opportunities to expand their practice, broaden their experience, and strengthen their support network.

By giving to the Artists Development Fund, donors will help grow our arts. It will provide support for any and all students who attend VCFA through five different outlets.

5 Segments of the 
Artists Development Fund

  • Douglas Glover Fund for Writers, Authors, & Publishers

This segment is specifically for writers passionate enough to turn their career into the writing life, whether their focus is on fiction, creative non- fiction, poetry, young adult stories, or children’s writing. Click here to view his faculty page.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

As part of VCFA’s mission, we nurture the artistic, intellectual, individual, and social development of all members of our community and we welcome all who value diversity and inclusion in teaching and learning. This section is for students of ethnic diversity who will become the next multi-cultural voice in their field.

  • Art & Design

This is for Visual Art and Graphic Design students who are beginning their art and design careers with VCFA, and will also help prepare those that are completing their final exhibitions.

  • Emerging Filmmakers & New Composers

Our student filmmakers look to revolutionize the experience and creation of today’s films, and our composers examine ways to advance their music while learning from the best in the industry. Completing a filmmaking thesis and a music composition thesis represents a significant financial undertaking. This will help alleviate some of that expense.

  • Contemporary Educators

Many of our students attend VCFA to become educators in their chosen fields. This area will allow our current and prospective students to become the next generation of teachers in art, design, writing, and more.

The Artists Development Fund is an important and necessary next step in building a successful arts college and alumni community. The Fund will help bolster the VCFA artist community, which stretches far beyond Vermont’s borders.

With the Artists Development Fund, VCFA will continue its work of supporting all artists and reaffirm its mission and belief that art matters, that it is essential, and that it makes the world more humane.

Consider giving to the Artists Development Fund today.

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Alissa Auerbach

Director of Development
Phone: 802-828-8555
Email: [email protected]

Artists Development Fund Brochure

For more information about the Artists Development Fund, click here.