Nikki Juen is an artist, designer and educator interested in the spaces where these practices overlap. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design’s Graphic Design Department, she is a lecturer and critic in the Division of Experimental and Foundation Studies, also at RISD. She recently completed an MFA in Visual Art from VCFA.

As a founding faculty member of the MFA in Graphic Design at Vermont College of Fine Arts, her research focuses on the body as media as well as the contemplative mind in higher education. Her classes and workshops explore the development of the individual through the cultural roles of art and design in society.

Maintaining a hybrid practice that includes creating and exhibiting drawings, paintings, and videos, Nikki’s work explores the absence of rules while relying on gestures, codes, and the absurd in authoring outcomes. Her art, design, and teaching practices inform and filter through each other.

Nikki’s award-winning design practice creates relationship on paper, with pixels and between people. Happymatter is the design studio she founded with partner Rafael Attias in 2001. Their clients include Keen Footwear, van Beuren Charitable Foundation, Middlebridge School, Mayo Surfboards, RISD, Aquidneck Farms, Brown University, Tina Lutz, Tyler Smith, Roger Williams Museum of Natural History, Providence Parks Department, and Trace Alchemy.


MFA - Visual Art | VCFA

BFA - Graphic Design | RISD

Selected work

Natalia Ilyin

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

Ian Lynam

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

Tasheka Arceneaux-Sutton

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

Anne West

Thesis Instructor, MFA in Graphic Design

Ziddi Msangi

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

James Chae

Visiting Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design