David Schatz is the co-founder of Hammer, a Zurich-based creative agency working across the fields of art direction and graphic design including film, book, type, corporate identity, web and textile design, as well as illustration.

Hammer works for several institutions and clients such as Kunsthalle Basel, Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, the Swiss Federal Council, Cabaret Voltaire, Pro Helvetia, Edition Patrick Frey and regularly puts out self-initiated work, in addition. Their distinctive design language and aesthetics is notable yet their work is wide-ranging and polymorphous. They are convinced that there is rarely an archetypal design solution but that the goal of a designer is to find a very specific language for each project.

Hammer was awarded the Swiss Design Award in 2015 and 2022 and several times in the competition “The most beautiful Swiss books“. Their work has been exhibited at the Zurich Museum of Design in the exhibition “100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design” and “Swiss Style Now” at the Cooper Gallery, New York.

Selected work

David Schatz

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

Silas Munro

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

Sereina Rothenberger

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

Ian Lynam

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

Yoon Soo Lee

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

Ramón Tejada

Visiting Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design