MFA in Writing

Ellen Lesser / Faculty Chair, Fiction; Postgraduate Writers' Conference

Ellen Lesser, VCFA Writing Program

Ellen Lesser is the author of two novels, The Other Woman (Simon & Schuster) and The Blue Streak (Grove), and the short story collection, The Shoplifter's Apprentice (Simon & Schuster). 

Work from the Shoplifter’s volume has been performed in the “Selected Shorts” series on National Public Radio and reprinted in Houghton Mifflin's Images of Women in Literature, and is included in the new Green Writers Press anthology, Contemporary Vermont Fiction. Ellen’s current project is a linked collection about mothers and adolescent daughters in crisis. (To hear an excerpt from the opening story, click on the audio file on this page.) Stories from the cycle have appeared in The Iowa Review, The Antioch Review, North American Review, and upstreet; the latest piece is featured in Brain, Child magazine’s 2015 special issue on parenting teenagers. Ellen’s fiction, plus her criticism and literary interviews, has also appeared in The Missouri Review, Mississippi Review, Epoch, The Southern Review, New England Review and The Village Voice. Her essays on fictional craft have been featured in The Writer’s Chronicle and in craft anthologies including Words Overflown by Stars (edited by David Jauss). A long-time member of the MFA in Writing faculty, she also teaches in and directs VCFA’s annual Postgraduate Writers’ Conference. Ellen is a graduate of Yale College, and received her MFA in the Vermont College program. A native of New York City and its near suburbs, she has lived in Vermont for more than three decades.