Passionated by type design, Noheul Lee graduated from the Type and Media program at the KABK, The Hague. Currently, she is working as a Hangul & Latin multi-script type designer and a partner of ‘lo-ol type’, a studio based in Geneva & Seoul. Her work has received recognition and acclaim; she won the 6th Bang Il Young Cultural Foundation Fund Competition for her Hangul design called ‘Arvana’. She also received a Gold medal in the Morisawa Type Design Competition for the Latin design of ‘Areon’. She also designed Latin typefaces such as ‘Ortank’, ‘Medley’, and ‘Fuzar’ with Loris Olivier. She was commissioned for Latin part of ‘Naver Maru Buri’ and Latin part of ‘The Hyundai Happiness Sans’. Together with her partner Loris, she wants to focus on the production of various Hangul & Latin typefaces. 

Twitter: @lne818
Instagram: @noheul_and_type, @lo.ol.type