As a graduate of Barnard College and the AFI Producers Program, Heidi has cast such successful films as JFK (1991), NIXON (1995), NATURAL BORN KILLERS (1994), NURSE BETTY (2000), THE ROCK (1996), THE JOY LUCK CLUB (1993), SMOKE (1995) and BENNY & JOON (1993).

In addition to casting LAKEVIEW TERRACE (2008) with director Neil LaBute, whom Heidi has worked with for over 10 years on both film and theater projects, Heidi recently cast the films SAINT JOHN OF LAS VEGAS (2009), starring Steve Buscemi and Romany Malco; RAGE (2009) with director Sally Potter, starring Judi Dench, Jude Law, and Dianne Wiest; THE OPEN ROAD (2009), starring Jeff Bridges and Justin Timberlake; and Erick Zonca’s film JULIA (2008), which premiered at the 2008 Berlin Film Festival starring Tilda Swinton.

Alternating between standard studio and indie fare, she has repeatedly worked with acclaimed directors Oliver Stone, Wayne Wang, Wim Wenders, and Neil LaBute. In 1997, on the eve of Hong Kong’s unification with China, Heidi collaborated with Wayne Wang on CHINESE BOX (1997), a film that captured that moment in history, which she co-produced and cast. She has also served as a producer on feature films THE OPEN ROAD (2009), FIDO (2006), THE CENTER OF THE WORLD (2001), COASTLINES (2002), and DELIVERING MILO (2001).

Heidi’s company, Three Chapeau Productions, developed the website (2008), devoted to Indie Folk-Rock heroine Katie Reider who tragically passed away July 14, 2008.

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