Waynesville, Ohio. Geno lives upon the homelands and territories of the Osage, Miami and Shawnee people.

Chickens and pigs forage “freely”. Crayfish burrow deep into the area where the water has risen every spring, since the glaciers last receded. Geno mines clay here. He collects teasel for its ash. He recently hosted a performative wood firing – burning the mulberry tree who had grown too close to where his home drains into the land and the white pine struck by lightning outside the place where his wife’s grandparents used to live a half mile down the road. He would claim to live in a rural area (and believes so in his heart when looking south across the valley) but sprawling suburbia is much more accurate.

Geno is a potter. He is employed as a professor. He is a 2018 alumnx of the VCFA MFA Fine Arts program. Material sustainability and global supply chain transparency are two current academic research interests. Geno is a member of the National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts Green Task Force and a Hanley Sustainability Institute Scholar at the University of Dayton. He founded the Ephemeral Institute of Ethical Clay in 2020 and it’s currently stored in his barn. Vera, Mirko, Krystal, Solstice (Sully), Callie and Rosie also love the maple tree just outside.