Before Gangnam Style there was Boombox, the video by Yale graphic design student Ely Kim that went viral in 2009. 

In Boombox, Kim taped himself on 100 consecutive days dancing in 100 styles to 100 songs. The result is a vibrant short film that celebrates the joy of making.

Ely Kim is an artist, graphic designer and self-described healer who lives in Brooklyn. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Las Vegas, he received an MFA in Graphic Design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Recent exhibitions include The Art of Pop Video in Cologne, and QNTV at Queen’s Nails Projects in San Francisco. In his talk, Kim discussed his quest to make bravely enthusiastic work with sincerity, as he focuses on asking not “why” but rather “why not?” in the practice of graphic design.

He also instigated a fairly wild dance party, which got the faculty in trouble.