This decision is the result of a thorough and collaborative effort between members of the President’s Cabinet and the Academic Council (composed of the Academic Dean and each program’s Faculty Co-Chairs and Program Directors) with input from faculty and students. 

As part of the selection process, staff and faculty visited three different colleges this past fall. Each location was evaluated based on their quality of facilities and accommodations, a commitment to the arts, shared values around equity, and a desire to partner with VCFA and support our programs and community.

Susquehanna was first introduced as a prospect by a faculty member in our MFA in Writing program, who teaches at Susquehanna and VCFA. Susquehanna met all of our criteria and emerged as a top candidate after extensive dialogue with VCFA faculty, and after thoroughly considering feedback from students. In addition to Susquehanna’s ability to house VCFA’s community, the campus offers state of the art facilities for all of the college’s six MFA program needs including multiple gallery spaces, screening rooms, rehearsal spaces, smart classrooms, and auditoriums.

Leadership at Susquehanna is excited to host VCFA’s residencies. “Susquehanna is honored to host the Vermont College of Fine Arts winter program on our campus next year,” said Jonathan Green, President of Susquehanna University. “This partnership is a synergistic alliance as we have shared expertise in arts, design, music and writing disciplines.”

VCFA is equally delighted to have found a welcoming space and like-minded partner in Susquehanna University. “We are confident our residencies will thrive on the beautiful campus of Susquehanna,” said President Leslie Ward. “With this transition, we are looking forward to realizing VCFA’s vision to invest more fully in scholarships and other support for our students, faculty, staff, and alumnx, and to honor the unique nature of all of our programs while bringing our community of artists together for robust residencies on campuses that can inspire and provide for our students and faculty.”