Michelle Singer was hired to be the program assistant for the MFA in Writing Program in August of 2015. It was only a matter of days before she was introduced to Anna, VCFA’s fourth-floor resident ghost. Not only was Singer’s new office known as “Anna’s Hangout,” but it also housed the access door to the tower where Anna is especially said to haunt. When a student came to her office to deliver a sealed letter to Anna, Singer became intrigued. She began asking colleagues about their Anna stories and heard everything from, “She was pushed down the stairs and died,” to “She was killed on campus and the tower was the last thing she saw.” Singer’s boss, Director of the MFA in Writing program Louise Crowley, had a long history of Anna as well as old newspaper clippings from the real story behind the legend.

When the local Montpelier newspaper called The Bridge, which Singer has been a writer for many years, asked her in October if she had any ghost stories, she quickly put two and two together. What she didn’t expect was for the story to be so compelling and so rich. The more research she did, the more she wanted to do. She was also able to finally answer the murky question of where Anna is actually buried.

For her full story and the tragic story of the real Anna, view the full article from The Bridge.