A physical copy of the magazine has been sent to our alumnx, staff, and faculty this December. All members of our community can enjoy the digital edition of in residence on VCFA’s ISSUU.

This issue of in residence features in-depth interviews with Hafid Abdelmoula (F ’19), Nora Shalaway Carpenter (WCYA ’12) & Rocky Callen (WCYA ’19), Kimberly Bentley (VA ’05), and MFA in Music Composition faculty member Ravi Krishnaswami. This year the magazine additionally introduced two new recurring sections: “From the Archives” and “Reflections on Art.” “From the Archives” is a yearly celebration of VCFA’s history, and “Reflections on Art” is an essay guest written by a VCFA community member discussing life as an artist. Alumnx and Library Assistant Valentyn Smith (WP ’20) spearheaded the creation of our “From the Archives” report, and alumnx and Interim Academic Dean Mary-Kim Arnold (W ’16) was our inaugural guest essayist for “Reflections on Art.”

In the Class News and Faculty News sections of the magazine, interested readers can find expansive listings of VCFA publications, screenings, performances, exhibitions, and other news updates from our community from the past year.

This year, a number of alumnx, staff members, and friends of VCFA came together to create and contribute to this touchstone publication. The 2023 edition saw contributions from:


Editor, Writer
Jericho Parms (W ’12)
Grace Safford (WCYA ’25)

Writer, Fact-checker
Sarah Madru

Art Director
Aldrena Hicks (GD ’16)

DesignerSarah Flood-Baumann (GD ’16)

Cameron Finch (WP ’19)
Valentyn Smith (WP ’20)

Guest Writer
Mary-Kim Arnold (W ’16)

Copy Editor
Jessica Manley

Polaroid Photographer
Joliet Morrill

Meesh Deyden
Anthony Pagani

Collage Cover Art Contributors
Renee Couture (VA ’10)
Julian Gerstin (MC ’20)
Fiona Phillips (VA ’08)
Beverly Parayno (W ’09)
Chachi Hauser (W ’20)
Amy Veatch (VA ’23)
Max Johnson (MC ’16)
Alex Rheault (VA ’04)
DoanPhuong Nguyen (WCYA ’19)

The college would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of the voices that came together to make this magazine possible. in residence is a celebration of the year, a celebration of art, and a celebration of our community. Thank you for looking back on the year with us.

Read in residence online here.