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Does Art Matter? Hell Yes. Pioneering. Progressive. Ambitious. As Vermont College of Fine Arts sets new standards for graduate education in the 21st-century, we ask for your support.

Instead of asking, “What makes a great artist?” we turn that question around and ask each of our students, “What makes you a great artist? What makes you a great writer? What makes you a great filmmaker?” We then step back . . . and let our students rethink their world and themselves in connection to it. The result is an outpouring of creativity, a push beyond self-imposed limitations. In short, transformation. Artists change our world—and all of us—for the better.

But we can’t do it without your help.

The Fund for VCFA is a critical piece of fundraising – whether it’s granting scholarships or hiring outstanding faculty – that helps our students succeed. Together we stoke the passion that makes our residencies so very necessary to the transformative process. From the interplay of ideas and the gritty wrestling with self, art is born – and it starts right here at VCFA.

With your support, you stand with VCFA, its students, faculty and staff, and emphatically answer, “Yes! Art does matter.” Please view our Support section for information on bequests, donations and other giving options.

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