“My time at the Vermont College of Fine Arts was life-changing in many ways. I was given the support and space to research and implement an entirely new way of thinking about my work that has transformed me as a person and as a graphic designer with purpose. The work created for the What Heroin Sounds Like project has allowed me to travel throughout the United States activating students to their responsibility as visual communicators being graphic witnesses to their experience. I have lectured widely and have had the opportunity to curate and participate in exhibitions of activist art and design. Currently, my exhibition Epidemic with Dr. Eric Avery is traveling the US. This year my work was also featured in the book Designing Activism 31 Designers Fighting for a Better World, put out by What Design Can Do based in the Netherlands. I have agency over my practice, and I know where I am and where I am going. My work at the onset of my time at VCFA was born from a position of grief and now continues on a path of hope.”

DelMarcelle is currently Faculty at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, York College of Pennsylvania.