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Announcing 2023 Summer Residencies at Colorado College

June 15, 2022

Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA) announced today that, beginning in the summer of 2023, the college will conduct its summer residencies on the campus of Colorado College, located in Colorado Springs, an hour south of Denver.

“We are excited about the opportunities this new home for our summer residencies affords,” said VCFA President Leslie Ward. “In addition to offering exceptional facilities that will better serve the needs of VCFA students and faculty, Colorado College shares VCFA’s values, sense of innovation, and commitment to the arts. ”

The move to Colorado College also means that, for the first time, VCFA will be able to hold concurrent residencies with a single academic calendar for all programs, allowing students and faculty in all six academic programs to explore interdisciplinary study and collaborate across disciplines.

VCFA is the only college in the country dedicated solely to low-residency graduate arts education using an individualized mentorship model. “This reimagining of our residencies will allow us to provide excellent facilities for our students, and focus our resources on scholarships and program investment,” President Ward said.

The College’s administrative offices and full-time staff will remain located at 36 College Street in Montpelier. At this time, Vermont College of Fine Arts is working with the real estate consulting firm White and Burke to explore the best and highest uses for underutilized buildings on its Montpelier campus.


Why is VCFA making this change?

Our campus facilities and the resources needed for delivering outstanding residencies have not kept pace with the needs of our programs. Conducting our summer residencies on another campus offering full amenities allows VCFA to provide the exceptional learning experience our students expect. At the same time, VCFA will be able to redirect resources towards strategic initiatives that support its mission, including program investment and student scholarships, rather than maintaining a physical asset that contributes only a fraction of the VCFA student and faculty experience.

The core of the VCFA experience is connected to the people and relationships that make up this institution—our outstanding faculty, dedicated administrative team, and students bring creativity and excitement for the arts to their studies every day. This will not change, whether during semester work that happens from a student’s home, or during our content-packed residencies.

Exploring the best and highest uses for underutilized buildings on our Montpelier campus allows VCFA to better align financial resources to have the greatest impact on our community of students, faculty, staff, and alumnx.

When will this change take place?

VCFA plans to relocate its summer residencies to the Colorado College campus starting in summer 2023.

Is VCFA closing? Is VCFA merging with Colorado College?

No. VCFA is not closing and does not have plans to merge with Colorado College.

Who is Colorado College?

Established in 1874 as a coeducational institution, Colorado College’s history is one of proud tradition and progressive culture. As one of the top-ranked liberal arts colleges in the country, Colorado College offers intensive learning that expands through and beyond the exceptional landscape of the Rocky Mountain West. In CC’s unique and innovative educational model, known as The Block Plan, students take one class at a time for 3 ½ weeks, diving deeply into scholarship and passion through small discussion-based classes. Colorado College enrolls approximately 2,000 undergraduate students who study across more than 42 majors, 32 minors, and 37 departments.

How and why did VCFA decide to enter into an agreement with CC?

In exploring campus options for VCFA students, we knew we needed a like-minded institution that shared VCFA’s values, commitment to the arts, and sense of innovation. After extensive consideration of college campuses both in Vermont and elsewhere, Colorado College emerged as an exciting opportunity with its beautiful campus facilities, a longstanding commitment to its own unique educational model, and the creative spirit we seek for our community.

What will happen with VCFA’s Montpelier campus? Will VCFA’s offices move to Colorado?

VCFA will continue to maintain its administrative offices on the Montpelier campus and is exploring options for better use of underutilized properties on campus that will afford greater benefit to the Montpelier community.

Will this change affect VCFA’s accreditation status?

No. VCFA will continue to be authorized by the State of Vermont and accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). In addition, the Visual Art and Graphic Design programs will continue to be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

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