MFA in Writing & Publishing (Residential)

Scholarships and Fellowships

Vermont College of Fine Arts recognizes the importance scholarships play in helping students meet financial needs. VCFA provides merit-based and need-based scholarships, as well as paid Fellowships and TA (Teaching Assistant) positions. 100% of MFA in Writing & Publishing students receive funding.

MFA in Writing & Publishing awards scholarships to students based on need (FAFSA review) and merit. Students should mention their financial needs in their application packet. Scholarships are awarded on a semester-by-semester basis.

In addition to the unnamed scholarships, VCFA offers several additional distinguished opportunities, based on financial need and merit as well as exceptional qualification and strength of proposal. Please see the following listings for such specific scholarship and fellowship opportunities.

Phoenix Books Howard Frank Mosher Scholarship

Along with Phoenix Books, a Vermont-based independent bookseller, we are offering a $10,000 scholarship that honors late author Howard Frank Mosher. This award will be merit-based and given annually to an emerging fiction writer from Vermont in his or her first year of VCFA's MFA in Writing & Publishing residential program. The first scholarship will be awarded in the 2018-2019 school year.

For more information, contact Ann Cardinal, Director of Student Recruitment, at [email protected] or (802) 828-8589.

Emerging Writer Scholarship

The Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA) MFA in Writing & Publishing now offers a full tuition scholarship for students matriculating in fall 2018. The new Emerging Writer Scholarship will cover all two years of the program, as well as housing on VCFA’s campus.

The Emerging Writer Scholarship is merit-based. Program applications must be submitted by February 28, 2018 to be considered for this opportunity. No special essays or complicated applications; we will consider all applicants for fall 2018. Please note applicants must complete a FAFSA to be considered. Other financial factors will also be considered.

Green Mountain Scholarship

This $5,000 scholarship is awarded to a Vermont writer, or a writer with deep ties to the state of Vermont. Students should mention that they wish to be considered in their application.

Quetzal Scholarship

$5000 awarded to incoming or returning students who identify with, or who have experience working with people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Students who are members of diverse communities are strongly encouraged to apply. Scholarships are awarded to students based on financial need (FAFSA review) and merit. Students should mention their wish to be considered in their application packet. These scholarships may be reviewed for renewal each semester.

Veterans Scholarship

A $3,000 scholarship awarded to a US Veteran based on merit. Please mention in Application Materials that you'd like to be considered for the award.

Tamarack Award in Poetry

This $5,000 scholarship is awarded to a student per incoming class who shows exceptional promise in their program application. The MFAWP admissions committee will automatically consider all applicants for this honor, and notification will arrive upon acceptance into the program.

Tamarack Award In Prose

This $5,000 scholarship is awarded to a student per incoming class who shows exceptional promise in their program application. The MFAWP admissions committee will automatically consider all applicants for this honor, and notification will arrive upon acceptance into the program.

2017-2018 Fellowships

Apply by April 18, 2018. Submit a resume or CV, letter of interest, and list of references to Miciah Bay Gault at [email protected]. Your letter of interest should discuss all fellowships you’re applying for, and how you’re qualified for each. We expect fellowship recipients to be supremely engaged, hardworking, and competent; we’re looking for a positive attitude, an agility in learning new skills, and a desire to deepen ties with the VCFA community. A hiring committee will award all fellowships based on applicant qualifications and references, as well as the qualities listed above. We may ask for a phone, Skype, or in-person interview. 

Hunger Mountain Fellowship

September 2017-September 2018 (year-long position)

This fellowship is open to writing student in the MFA in Writing & Publishing, MFA in Writing, and MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults programs. The Hunger Mountain fellow must be physically present in the Hunger Mountain offices in Montpelier, Vermont. This is a year round position, and requires work over the winter holiday, and over the summer. 

The Hunger Mountain Fellowship offers students a chance to gain valuable professional skills as an integral part of the Hunger Mountain editorial team, acting as a managing editor, and taking part in all aspects of the editorial, production, and promotional processes of Hunger Mountain, VCFA’s journal of the arts. The Fellowship awards a $10,000 annual stipend for 14 hours of work per week in the HM office and is open to a writing student in any semester/year of study.

The ideal candidate has excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills, meticulous attention to detail, plenty of computer savvy, great communication skills, and a strong interest in and experience with publishing a literary magazine. Knowledge of FileMaker Pro, Excel, and HTML a plus. Because Hunger Mountain is a small operation, the HM Fellow will take part in all aspects of the editorial, production, and promotional processes. Duties will likely include creating publication schedules and notifying HM staff and contributors of upcoming deadlines; taking part in editorial meetings; corresponding with manuscript readers, editors, and contributors; generating contributor contracts; processing submissions and contest entries, both online and via surface mail; processing contest fees; compiling monthly budget packets; updating contributor database; updating subscriber database; corresponding with subscribers, lapsed subscribers, and potential subscribers; reading and evaluating submissions; managing literary content on HM website; creating newsletter content; creating promotional material; assisting with layout decisions for print issue; copyediting and proofreading; and other special projects.

To see the description of duties and responsibilities and to learn how to apply, visit the Hunger Mountain Fellowship Page.

Vermont Book Award Fellowship

September 2018-September 2019 (year-long position)

The Vermont Book Awards Fellow will be instrumental in the organization and publicity of the Vermont Book Award, as well as planning for the VBA Gala and award ceremony. The Fellow will devote approximately 5-10 hours weekly to Vermont Book Awards tasks and responsibilities. The VBA Fellowship is for a current or incoming writing student in the MFA in Writing & Publishing, MFA in Writing, or MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults programs. This $5000 working Fellowship requires 5-10 hours of work a week. Although some of the work can be done remotely, students must be physically present on VCFA campus several weeks of the year. 

The Vermont Book Awards Fellow’s tasks may include, and are not limited to, writing press releases; creating web copy; creating a rule-guide for the VBA; creating or updating, with the help of VCFA IT, a nomination form; contacting and organizing Vermont booksellers, the “VBA nominating committee of independent booksellers”; reaching out to publishers and authors to procure copies of nominated books; identifying and reaching out to potential judges; keeping nominating committee and judges on track; helping plan for VBA awards ceremony event; creating save-the-date and invitation mailing lists; answering questions about the event/publicizing the event via FB, Twitter, press releases, newsletters.

The VBA Fellow should plan to attend/work the Vermont Book Award gala on September 23rd. 

Please read the full job description here.

Teaching Assistant, Publishing & Fieldwork

Fall Semester: September-December 2018; Spring Semester: January-May 2019 (one 4-month position each semester)

A semester-long T.A. opportunity for one student in the MFA in Writing & Publishing degree program, offering a chance to assist the faculty member teaching the Publishing & Fieldwork class. The Publishing & Fieldwork T.A. will gain a wide-range of administrative and teaching experiences, as well as experience building editorial deadlines, distributing class materials as needed, helping to coordinate on-campus Visiting Creative events, helping to coordinate fieldtrips, helping to coordinate Internship & Directed Study programming, and assisting the P&F faculty member directly as needed. The commitment requires flexibility, invention, dedication, and precision in coordinating skills. This opportunity is awarded based on need and merit.

Blog and Social Media Fellowship

September 2018-May 2019 (9-month position)

This position is open for one student in the MFA in Writing & Publishing program. The Blog Manager will devote 5-8 hours a week to Blog tasks and responsibilities. Tasks may include, and are not limited to, photographing program readings, classes, fieldtrips, social outings, and other events; soliciting photos from program events; pitching ideas for blog posts; writing blog posts; updating blog with new posts; soliciting quotes from students and faculty for use on blog; soliciting written material from students and faculty for use on blog; conducting interviews with faculty, students, and visiting creatives for use on blog; sharing blog posts on social media; updating social media regularly (daily); communicating with marketing and admissions teams to share blog posts; other special projects.

Conferences Fellowship

September 2018-May 2019 (9 month position)

The Conferences Fellow will devote 5-8 hours a week to Fellowship tasks and responsibilities. The Conference Fellow’s tasks may include, and are not limited to, the following: create a list of annual conferences, book fairs, and festivals, especially pertinent to our MFA in Writing & Publishing; research who is presenting/reading/ attending conferences and cross check for MFAWP faculty and students; send message to faculty, students, and alumni presenting at conference asking to help market VCFA; determine materials needed, where to send, timeline; work with Admissions to get appropriate materials mailed to faculty and alumni in a timely manner; determine if conference is appropriate for VCFA to attend or sponsor; share information on Shared Docs.

Literary Hospitality Fellowship

September 2018-May 2019 (9-month position)
$2,000, plus mileage reimbursements

The Literary Hospitality Fellow will devote 5-8 hours a week to Fellowship tasks and responsibilities. This fellowship requires a car that’s in a great shape and a valid lisence. Tasks may include, and are not limited to, picking up students, prospective students, faculty, and visiting creatives from the airport or train station as needed; hosting prospective students; giving tours of campus to prospective students; meeting over meals in Dewey Cafeteria with prospective students; organizing other students to meet for meals, coffee, or social events with prospective students; arranging social time for current students, either downtown, or here on campus; arranging carpools with student to attend readings or other literary or arts related events in Burlington or elsewhere; shopping for on campus social events as directed (will be reimbursed); sending out invitations and reminders for social or extra curricular events.

Resident Advisor 

This is for a student living in on-campus dormitory housing. The RA will not be paid, but will be charged a reduced cost for renting his/her dorm room for performing the following duties:

• The RA will keep extra sets of keys for all WP students living in Glover, and be available for letting students into their rooms if they lock themselves out.

• The RA will greet prospective students or faculty when they arrive on campus after hours. The RA will provide keys and packets to prospective students, and act as a liaison between prospective students and facilities, housekeeping, or campus relations. 

• The RA will occasionally host social events in the dorm, for prospective or current students. (ie: a late night game night in the lounge following a reading). If food or drinks are to be provided, the program will offer RA a budget. RA is not responsible for spending her own money on snacks/drinks.

• The RA will also act as “Kitchen Manager,” responsible for enforcing the policy that students must clean up after themselves, and for occasional clean-ups as necessary; clearing food out of fridge; making sure all food in fridge is labeled; stocking kitchen with dish soap and sponges; occasional organization of cupboards; requesting help from facilities for broken things in kitchen area. 

• The RA will report any worrisome behavior relating to other WP students or guests in the dorms to the Program Director/facilities.


Lucy Bourgeault

Director of Admissions & Financial Aid
[email protected]

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