MFA in Music Composition

"The Hennepin Shake" by Kyle Pederson ('17)

Kyle Pederson usually writes church music for church choirs who sing in churches. But not this time. This semester Kyle channeled his inner Diane Moser and wrote some far out grooves for piano, drums, flute, electric guitar, bass, and violin.

A note about the title of the piece...

The: the

Hennepin: a hip avenue in Minneapolis

Shake: to dance, to boogie (but more like a strut...nothing awkward or spastic) 

Performed by:

  • Anna Webber, flute
  • Gregor Huebner, violin
  • John Benthal, guitar
  • Patrick Swoboda, bass
  • River Guerguerian, drumset
  • Kyle Pederson, piano

Performance Date: February 9, 2017