In the program, we talk about this idea that the blog is named after a lot—that we are all in-progress and in-process, and the new blog documents that in the very best way. Within, we are featuring a wide array of content, including but not limited to:

  • interviews with VCFA Graphic Design faculty
  • the latest news about the program, our faculty, students, alumnx, and guests
  • essays on design history, theory, practice and culture
  • literal process work from students and alumnx
  • visually-oriented content

There’s a giant range of stuff on the website—from new essays by faculty to the latest news.

Bonus: we’ve launched with an absolute glut of unique, compelling content! Our goal is to be truly reflective of the goals of the program, as well as to curate Perpetual Beta as a new, bespoke online publication to expand discourse about graphic design – to make it a vital, go-to source for designers.

In short, there’s a ton there—get your eyeballs ready! Perpetual Beta is going to help shape the course of graphic design literature in the upcoming decade while also charting the development of the one of the most exciting MFA programs in Graphic Design in the US today.