Because of the continued generosity of our network of donors, VCFA is able to welcome students, fund scholarships, develop and sustain robust program initiatives, conduct residencies, and support new faculty and visiting artists across programs.

Our donors are alumnx giving back, faculty and staff members championing student initiatives, and community leaders from across the US (and the world) looking to support arts education. Simply put, our donors make up the very fabric of VCFA. From the staff, faculty, current students, and alumnx of VCFA, we say thank you to our donors.

In their own words, our donors over the years have shared with us why they give to the arts. Learn more about some of the unique leaders and artists that make up our network.

(featured image by Suzi Cozzens, GD ’19)

MFA Society

Our MFA Society donors (Monthly Funder of the Arts!) provide consistent support to VCFA through sustaining monthly gifts. To learn more about joining the MFA Society visit Ways to Give.

Hannah Moderow ('11 WCYA)

“It’s been ten years since I graduated from VCFA. While I haven’t physically set foot on the campus in a decade, I still feel connected to the generous community of writers, faculty, and staff who are so passionate about creating powerful stories. I support VCFA because I want to play a small part in welcoming future students into that same magical communion.”

Toby Gonzalez ('12 VA)

“I’ve always believed you can’t depend on anyone but yourself to support the institutions you care about.”

Maureen Charles ('19 WCYA)

“I give because the opportunity to contribute calls to me. I am especially interested in supporting BIPOC students with tuition for the WCYA program. We need diverse voices in kid lit. And what better place to develop your voice and craft than VCFA?”

Katie Van Ark ('16 WCYA)

“My experiences at VCFA both had and continue to have a profound impact on my life. I want to contribute to keeping VCFA well and alive so that others can have experiences like the one I was able to have.”

Barbara Gray ('15 W)

“The VCFA fiction writing program is rigorous, and the excellent faculty and wonderful experience of working one-on-one with highly skilled professional writers is worth every second and dollar spent. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Ann Dávila Cardinal ('07 W)

“I wouldn’t have a writing career without VCFA, so in addition to small regular paycheck donations, I give an additional amount whenever I’m lucky enough to sell something and get an advance. It’s my way of giving back. I even have a list of fantasy donations if my career ever takes off in a big way. Giving back to this college, this community, my creative VCFA family, is a priority for me, so I try to give whatever I can whenever I can. Like how individual words pull together to create a book, small donations add up to a significant assist.”

Legacy Society

Our Legacy Society donors support VCFA and our students now and well into the future. To learn more about planned giving at VCFA, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Sarah C.B. Guthrie ('10 VA)

“What really inspired me was thinking back on the relationships I had with faculty members and the profound difference they made in my life. They poured themselves into me and my work, my growth and development, and I wanted to find a way to thank them. The work they do is a sacrifice. I wanted to honor them and their gift to me by giving a gift to them and to the future faculty of VCFA. There are great opportunities to support an institution that has made such a huge difference in our lives.”