MFA in Film


Every film is a story, translated into a script. Successful screenwriting is a structured method of using dialogue, vision, and imagination all interlaced to create a written story that can be turned into a moving image.

From there, a collaboration begins that brings together many contributions of many kinds of artists. Because screenwriters do not follow a separate curricular track at VCFA. The process here is a fully immersive, offering independent screenwriters the opportunity to work intensively on their film scripts with the support of established writers and directors, and in collaboration with all the filmmakers in the program, in an environment that encourages innovation and creative risk-taking. 

"The sometimes-complicated making of a film-story always begins with the screenplay and if the screenplay is weak, or flawed, casually done or carelessly respected, then the film-story will suffer irreparable harm. If this last sentence sounds like a warning to work the screenplay till you got it down solid then that last sentence has done its job. In simple words that have been used before, the screenplay is the foundation of film work."—Brandon Cole, Faculty, MFA in Film 

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