MFA in Film

Animation/Transmedia/Hybrid Forms

Contemporary filmmakers and artists are expanding the possibilities for computer-enhanced visualization to create innovative and immersive narratives.

Digital platforms offer new approaches to linear and non-linear storytelling, and filmmakers are experimenting with ways to host, extend, amplify and augment audio-visual experiences.

"Through the use of animation and visual effects, both digital and analog, filmmakers of all levels are no longer bound by what is purely achievable through the lens.  This opens up tremendous opportunities and avenues for new explorations but ultimately the merit of new technologies will be judged in the same context as other elements of filmmaking:  how do they further the story, characters, and overall impact of a film."—Dan Schrecker, Faculty, MFA in Film 

Watch Dan Schrecker's professional trailer of animation and special effects

Watch Dan Schrecker's trailer / animation and visual effects

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