Ziddi Msangi is a designer and educator. He was born in Tanzania and moved to California as a child. This early experience fostered an awareness and curiosity about history, power and place.

Cultural interpretation, and placing the narratives that form identities into a social, historical, and cultural context have influenced how Msangi teaches and designs. He is interested in the liminal space that is created between what we understand our reality to be and the multiple narratives that form that perception.

Research into cultural interpretation also informs his design practice. His recent investigations look at the synthesis of traditional motifs with contemporary content. He finds continual challenges to his assumptions about the power of visual communication in the space between the author’s intended message and the users response to the design. Msangi received a BFA from Boise State University and an MFA in Graphic Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art. He has been a professor at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth since 1998.


MFA - Graphic Design | Cranbrook Academy of Art

BFA - Graphic Design | Boise State University

Selected work

David Schatz

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

Sereina Rothenberger

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

Anne West

Thesis Instructor, MFA in Graphic Design

Yoon Soo Lee

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

James Chae

Faculty Chair, MFA in Graphic Design

Lorena Howard-Sheridan

Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design