K.A. Holt has dedicated her writing career to making sure kids (and adults) understand that anyone can be the main character of a book, and everyone deserves to see themselves reflected on the page.

From her award-winning middle grade novels-in-verse, Ben Bee and the Teacher Griefer, Redwood & PonytailKnockoutHouse Arrest, and Rhyme Schemer, to her prose novels From You to Me and Gnome-a-geddon, to her picture book, I Wonder, illustrated by Kenard Pak, K.A. Holt’s readers will discover main characters that struggle, celebrate, wonder, and discover in ways both new and familiar.


BA - Art History | University of Texas at Austin

Uma Krishnaswami

Faculty, MFA in WCYA

Amy King

Faculty, MFA in WCYA; Writing Novels for Young People Retreat

Tom Birdseye

Faculty Emeritus, MFA in WCYA

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