Devin Barone DVB (he/they) is a composer, percussionist, & friend from Bay Shore, NY, currently residing in Saratoga Springs.

Devin is the Assistant Director of the MFA in Music Composition here at VCFA, where he is a graduate of the program (MC ‘20) and has served every residency since then as a graduate assistant & IT support, now as staff. He is fully committed to helping each composition student find their individual voice and grow into the musician and creative they are meant to be.

DVB creates music in a variety of settings, with roots in classical and contemporary music, the various genres of the modern drummer, and media soundtracks. With a particular interest in narrative, rhythm, motivic development AND
//??// a fixation on glitches in music, finding musical ways to “break” music as we expect it to be, to find new sounds & gestures, and depict new stories.

Devin’s music combines aspects of EDM, hip-hop, chiptune, jazz, ambient, orchestral music, & musical theater — and is influenced by the works of Conlon Nancarrow, who wrote music that pushed past what was playable by humans.

Paradoxically and in the same breath, I’m also invested in finding music we can all play and connect over as humans, finding inspiration from communal music making, and the processes by which people create musical memes to share with others.

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