Barry Johnson is the Chairman and Founder of BeDoWin360 Capital, a purpose-driven investment platform that directs monetary, creative, and relationship capital into funds and companies that prioritize maximizing ROI and social outcomes in serially excluded communities.

With over 30 years of intersectional work experience in Family Offices, Wall Street, top-level offices of Corporate America and the White House, Barry offers a deep knowledge of new business development and expansion, public-private partnerships, and uncommon collaborations that are key to addressing the complex opportunities and challenges of times. Having earned his undergraduate degree from Yale University and his MBA from Harvard Business School, he has provided strategic leadership for iconic brands like Credit Suisse, Disney, Sony, and Microsoft as well as family offices, advising them on global access, impact investment, next-gen guidance, and transformative philanthropy. Appointed by the President in 2009 as a Senior Economic Development advisor and in 2011 as the White House’s founding Executive Director of SelectUSA, Barry served as the nation’s first chief foreign direct investment official to attract both entrepreneurs and large corporations to the USA for growth and expansion.

Barry founded BeDoWin360 in the summer of 2020 when his extensive experience across business, corporate, and entrepreneurial sectors along with his people-centric leadership style intersected with a growing cultural awareness of the opportunity gap in our country for marginalized. BeDoWin partners with private wealth to direct capital into opportunities across America to realize the strong financial returns and social impacts of inclusion and diversity and manifest entrepreneurs’ dreams.

His roles as a business leader, trusted consultant to family offices, and senior advisor to the government afford Barry a multi-dimensional view of the world. With this insight, Barry has become a thought leader on how intentionally investing in overlooked subsets benefits the whole of society and how our cultural silos can be reconnected through capital. He also shares his deep understanding of how to approach Social Impact with a keen and specific focus that produces measurable and reportable results.

In addition to his work with BeDoWin360, Barry serves on the Boards of Directors for the National Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association and the Yaddo Corporation, the 400-acre estate-turned-artist retreat gifted in 1900 by financier Spencer Trask to provide diverse creative artists with a supportive working and networking environment. He also sits on the USA Executive Steering Committee for global youth charity Football for Peace headquartered in London and supported by the United Nations, HRH Prince William.