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The history of microtonality has largely been a history of evolution towards a greater variety of intervals and towards incorporating intervals that either match or closely approximate the natural partials of the harmonic series. Yet, with the advent of electronically generated sounds, some composers have opted to explore tuning systems that completely subvert accepted notions of acoustic validity, intentionally avoiding familiar harmonic possibilities and, in some cases, even excluding octaves!

In this online presentation for VCFA’s music composition program, Frank J. Oteri offers a guided tour through a wide range of this strange repertoire including Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Studie II, Wendy Carlos’s Beauty in the Beast, Easley Blackwood’s Twelve Microtonal Etudes for Electronic Music Media, the indie rock of Cryptic Ruse, Mercury Tree and Elaine Walker, the heavy metal of Last Sacrament, the MIDI imaginings of Amano Hideyo, William Sethares, and Sevish, and much much more.

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April 17
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