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Help Fellow Artists and Writers Grow – Refer Them to VCFA

Know of a fellow artist or writer who would be perfect for the transformative experience found at Vermont College of Fine Arts? Tell them about us! By sharing personal stories, VCFA alumni/ae embody our mission: to foster excellence of emerging and established artists and to advance the arts to create a more humane world.

To keep our community vibrant and strong, VCFA alumni/ae can do the following:

Refer friends to the college

Tell friends, co-workers and fellow writers, artists and composers about VCFA and direct them to the website.

Share news and events on social media / #VCFAalumni

Become an active participant by following VCFA on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud, and share our news and events with friends, family and colleagues. Use (and search for) #VCFAalumni to stay part of the conversation.