In an imperfect and ever-evolving world, the arts foster understanding, challenge accepted paradigms, and open space to imagine new realities. This forthcoming strategic plan will leverage VCFA’s ability to invest in artists and increase the impact they can have on our communities, large and small.

Our plan will be built on four strategic priorities that represent both our institutional and community values and reflect the collaborative thinking of the VCFA community. Building on our distinctive student-centered education model that balances rigorous personal mentorship with intense community enrichment and support, these initiatives will allow us to affect a wider community of artists, offer more avenues for artistic growth, and deepen our commitment to lifelong community and support. As the only arts college exclusively devoted to graduate-level arts education, it is our responsibility to support the role of artist-activists to raise awareness, challenge the status quo, and inspire change through their work.

VCFA sign and College HallAcademic Programs

We will lead student-centered arts education for graduate students by developing innovative, flexible, and interdisciplinary programs that further our low-residency model through flexible learning opportunities, certificate programs, and semester-long intensives.

Equity & Empowerment

In support of our Statement on Community Values, we will examine our policies, practices, and behaviors surrounding how we teach, what we teach, and the ways we support our community. We will empower our students, faculty, and staff to build inclusive learning and working environments.

Lifelong Engagement & Support

We will create a lifelong partnership with our alumnx to support their artistic careers by establishing inclusive, content-driven engagement opportunities for community support, artistic enrichment, and professional development.

Center for Arts + Social Justice

We will be a platform for change toward a just and equitable future by supporting and amplifying voices at the intersection of arts and social justice. We will provide meaningful opportunities for artists to explore, collaborate, and create, leading to community-based change through the arts.