Statement of Purpose:

Vermont College of Fine Arts recognizes, honors, and supports diversity and equity in every context. As an institution, we are actively focusing our resources on outreach, expansion, and inclusion, and as a community we are fully committed to fostering the artistic, intellectual, individual, and social identities, contributions, and development of every one of our members.

Diversity Resources

Vermont State Governor’s Workforce Equity & Diversity Council Learn More
Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity Learn More
Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles Learn More
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusive Excellence Learn More
AIGA Women Lead Gender Equity Toolkit Learn More
Students Speak: Diversity in the Pedagogical Practices of Music in Higher Education Learn More
How Diversity Makes Us Smarter  Learn More

Other VCFA Links

Title IX Learn More
Student Bill of Rights Learn More


We invite your suggestions and contributions to enhance the ongoing dialogue at VCFA. To get involved or send us an idea, contact [email protected] or reach out to:

Jericho Parms
Director of Alumni Affairs & Diversity Initiatives
866-934-8232, ext. 8839
[email protected]