Writer Cassatly ’07 spreads forgiveness

Stephanie Cassatly's memoir Notice of Release is about her journey to forgive her mother's killer. Published by eLectio Publishing, the book will be available April 21, 2017 through Amazon.

Stephanie Cassatly '07Stephanie was 18 years old when her mother was shot and killed in a convenience store robbery in New Orleans, and it changed every preconceived notion she had about the world and what it meant to feel safe. Twenty years later, she found her mother’s killer and forgave him, just before he died in the notorious Louisiana State Penitentiary (AKA Angola). It was then that she realized that she had been as much of a prisoner as he was. With a searing honesty that will make readers’ hearts both ache and sing, Notice of Release is a memoir about the power of forgiveness and proves how shedding the weight of the past can unlock a brave and beautiful future.

Stephanie speaks publicly on the topic of forgiveness, based on her own experience and what she has learned through great masters like Desmond Tutu and Martin Luther King. “It’s a completely individual experience, but after I went through it, I discovered that were many similarities between my experience and others,” she said. “I believe there is a universal nature to the act, and understanding it helps others consider it… or not, depending on where they are on their journey.” She states that as a contributor and speaker for The Forgiveness Project (which also includes a traveling exhibit), she has met many wonderful people with amazing stories, who have validated her belief that “forgiveness is an act of self-preservation and a release from the past.” She speaks at schools, community centers, faith-based organizations, prisons, book clubs and with “anyone who will listen to me.” She also teaches literature and writing part-time at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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