Oliver Klimpel pursues a hybrid practice across conventional divides in design, research, and visual culture. After being based in London for many years, he’s now living and working in Berlin currently designing the new foyer interior of Austrian museum Kunsthaus Graz, including exhibition displays and the museum shop. 

Recently, he developed the identity for the exhibition “So Far, So Right” at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan. His graphic scenography and sculptural work for the exhibition “Creative Infidelities” at arc en réve – centre d’architecture Bordeaux, France, is at the moment on show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, Germany.

Besides narrative environments and visual languages, the conception and graphic design of publications and books form another important part of his practice, having been trained as a graphic designer at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts and the Royal College of Art London. He has been teaching internationally at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and numerous other institutions and was Professor for System-Design from 2008 to 2015 at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts. He is interested in the emancipatory role of design in forming institutions and communities, and is the editor of the book The Visual Event – An Education in Appearances (2014).