How does this change affect my employment? Am I at risk of losing my job?

No. This change will not impact any faculty employment. VCFA faculty will always be a critical part of the VCFA community. Their dedication and service have helped make VCFA what it is today, and this will continue into the future.

Will this change affect my compensation? Does VCFA plan to invest greater resources in faculty benefits?

Through this reimagining of the VCFA residency experience, our goal is to reinvest more of our resources into people and away from physical assets. While there is no immediate plan to increase compensation, we look forward to addressing this important issue as soon as we are able.

What will happen during the winter residencies?

Winter residencies for the 2022–2023 year will take place on VCFA’s Montpelier campus as previously scheduled. Moving forward, we are planning winter residencies to be held remotely. We are also working with faculty to explore in-person winter residency options for each program. As these offerings take shape, we will be in contact with students. It is our hope to provide options for winter 2024, however these offerings cannot be guaranteed at this time.

How does VCFA plan to address community concerns regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC students, faculty, staff, and alumnx in Colorado Springs?

A significant factor in our decision to pursue an agreement with Colorado College was their long standing commitment to anti-racism and shared values concerning diversity and inclusion.

At present, VCFA leadership is in communication with leadership at Colorado College so you can hear directly from them about CC faculty, student, and staff experiences in the surrounding Colorado Springs community, and also how we can best connect students, faculty, staff, and alumnx to the appropriate resources needed to facilitate building a sense of community belonging while in Colorado Springs. We will provide further updates as we receive additional  information and resources.

Will VCFA’s leadership team continue?

Yes. VCFA’s leadership team will continue to steward our strategic plan in service of the college’s mission, deepening our commitment to arts education and finding new opportunities to invest in and engage our students, faculty, and alumnx.

What will happen with conferences and retreats, like the Postgraduate Writers' Conference, Alumnx Mini-Residency, and the Novel Retreats?

VCFA will work directly with those responsible for these programs to explore continued engagement opportunities. We plan to explore relocating these offerings to Colorado College or other conference and retreat centers off campus.

How will this change affect the quality of education for VCFA students?

The importance of arts education has never been more pressing. We believe this change will allow VCFA to greatly enhance the quality of education our programs provide, by offering—for the first time—full campus amenities that truly support the standards of excellence embodied in our programs. This change provides VCFA with the opportunity to invest our resources in our community, rather than in maintaining an underutilized physical asset.

Among those opportunities are increased scholarships for students, better facilities for residencies, and opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration, study, and inspiration.

How will the Colorado College campus serve my program?

Colorado College offers full campus amenities and outstanding facilities, including screening rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, exhibition spaces, a library, dormitories, student life center, and athletic facilities. If you are interested in exploring the Colorado Campus, you can access a map of the campus and virtual tour below.

What opportunities will there be for interdisciplinary work or work across academic programs?

For the first time, VCFA will hold concurrent residencies on a single academic calendar for all programs. This will provide students and faculty across programs the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary offerings such as residency workshops, lectures, and special events.

Summer residencies at Colorado College will showcase the dynamic work of artists from all six of VCFA’s academic programs, with a rich mix of art and design exhibitions, film screenings, music performances, readings, and more.

Will faculty be involved in preparing for this change? If so, how?

We are excited to work with VCFA faculty to explore enhancements to the student experience, now that we will all be together every summer during residencies. The VCFA leadership team will engage all constituent groups, including faculty, in our preparations for this upcoming transition.

What will happen during the winter residencies?

Winter residencies for the 2022–2023 year will take place on VCFA’s Montpelier campus as previously scheduled. Moving forward, winter residencies will be held remotely. We will work with faculty to build on what we have learned about remote residencies and to explore  alternative winter residency offerings including travel residencies and other in-person opportunities.

Will I need to adjust my student load?

No. This change will not impact faculty student loads. VCFA is committed to maintaining its low faculty-to-student ratio.