Postgraduate Study for Graphic Designers and Related Fields

The Postgraduate Semester in Graphic Design is an individualized, project-based program of study specifically designed for those who want to deepen their knowledge and to expand their bodies of work after graduation.

For designers who want to explore new forms, gain creative insights and expand their design practice, the Postgraduate Semester offers emerging and established designers an opportunity to take their current practice in a new direction. Participants in this program will develop a substantial research project and/or body of design work. The semester will culminate in a public presentation and critical discussion of the work.

Postgraduate residencies have been designed to coincide with the regularly scheduled MFA in Graphic Design residencies, so participants will be a part of the exciting dialogues with faculty, visiting lecturers, guests and MFA candidates that characterize every residency. The Postgraduate Semester will begin and end with a residency.

Admissions Requirements

The Postgraduate Semester in Graphic Design is an option for applicants who hold a Master’s degree in Graphic Design or other related fields of study.

Project Description

Because the Postgraduate Semester is project oriented, applicants need to provide a basic description of their proposed project. Be as specific as possible, identifying: a basic thesis, some of the conceptual ideas, influences and objectives or materials you envision for the project. Briefly describe how this project relates to and/or differs from the work you produced during graduate studies. (Maximum 500 words)

Personal Description

Describe your current work in design since earning your graduate degree. Talk about the development of your studio practice, your intellectual development, and the social, historical, and/or cultural context of your practice. Explain how the Postgraduate Semester will enhance, encourage, and/or support your development as a designer/scholar working in expanded practice. Be sure to address why you are applying for a Postgraduate Semester now, explaining why this moment is appropriate for you personally as well as for the development of your practice. (Maximum 500 words)

  • Official degree transcripts and two letters of recommendation (waived for alumni of VCFA MFA in Graphic Design program)
  • Resume
  • If proposing a visual project, please provide documentation of ten recent images that you feel convey and support your project proposal. Please also provide the following information: An image list, headed with your name, and in chronological order each image with its dimensions, medium, title and date of creation. For time-based media work, include total running time and the length of excerpt not to exceed 13 minutes.
  • If proposing a research-based project, please provide a writing sample. (Maximum 1000 words)

Please direct all admissions requirements to Associate Director, Brittany Powell: [email protected]

Tuition & Fees

  • $7,378 + residency fees. Postgraduates should plan for two residencies to earn 12 graduate credits



Brittany Powell

Associate Director
866-934-8232, ext. 8772
[email protected]