MFA in Film

About Our Students

VCFA’s MFA in Film student body is diverse in every respect. 

Some of our students begin our program as recent college graduates, while others teach in colleges, universities, and film academies while earning their MFA degrees. Among our students, you will find accomplished artists, writers, and filmmakers (professional producers, directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, and editors); teachers and holders of masters and doctoral degrees in a variety of fields; festival programmers; veterans of all branches of the U.S. military; activists; and parents.

Students come to our program from a wide variety of backgrounds, with a broad range of academic, professional and life experiences. Each student’s study plan at VCFA is unique, but all face similar challenges:

  • to expose their work and process to new influences;
  • to actively and consistently be in the process of making thoughtfully developed creative work throughout their two years;
  • to devote and protect a substantial part of their lives to their education and growth as artists.

It is highly recommended that prospective students have a passion for the creative process, are highly motivated to make work, possess openness and self-discipline, and have access to the practical and human resources needed to create their proposed MFA projects. Our faculty are deeply committed to helping students optimally develop all aspects of their projects—conceptually, aesthetically, technically, and contextually—and bring their work to a new level of mastery.

Administrative Staff:

Carol Beatty

Program Director
Phone: 802-828-8610
866-934-8232, ext. 8610
Email: [email protected]

Aja Zoecklein

Associate Director
Phone: 802-828-8575
Email: [email protected]

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