Graduate Studies in Art & Design Education

MA Curriculum

The MA in Art & Design Education is a one-year low-residency degree that starts with a two-week summer residency on our Vermont campus with fall and spring semesters in the student’s home community.

The research-based year of study culminates with a return to campus for a one-week graduation residency in which students present and exhibit Capstone Research Projects.


During residency students take part in workshops that develop research skills, strengthen and expand existing knowledge, provide opportunity for hands-on work, and align with the Graduate Studies in Art & Design Education program philosophy, centered on:

  • A curriculum grounded in the learning sciences
  • The development of skilled, knowledgeable, and contemporary artist-teachers who are reflective practitioners
  • A focus on diversity and social justice
  • A belief in the power and strength of collaborative community

Semester Work

Students return home prepared to embark on a year of research.

  • Fall semester: Research Methods Seminar
  • Spring semester: Independent research supported by one-on-one faculty advising

Capstone Research Projects

Students design a project based on their own interests, choosing one of three options for research: 

  • Action Research: Students design a project focused on a K-12 classroom, museum or other community setting with curriculum development as the goal
  • Studio Research:  Students use studio exploration and the development of artwork as a means to developing curriculum
  • Thesis: Five chapter thesis for students who wish to take a traditional approach with a possible interest in pursuing a doctoral degree in art education.

For information about our MA in Art & Design Education program, please contact Jennifer Skinder, Program Director, at [email protected].