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About the accelerated MAT for BA/BFA students

Do you want to have a direct impact on growing the next generation of artists and visual thinkers?

The accelerated MAT for BA/BFA offers undergraduate art students a flexible and accelerated route to teaching career in PK-12 Art & Design. This unique summer-residency program focuses solely on Art & Design Education and offers an innovative curriculum that will prepare students to be confident and successful teachers, and be highly sought after for hiring. We have gathered an incredible faculty from around the country, and built a program that allows students to build their professional community where they want to live and work.

Undergraduate art students who are exceptional artists/designers in any media, creative thinkers and problem solvers, are ideal candidates for this unique low-residency opportunity. Junior year students in good academic standing are eligible to apply for this 5-year dual degree option. Admissions application fees are waived for MAT for BA/BFA applicants.

Students enroll and participate in their first VCFA MAT summer residency between their junior and senior years. They complete their Fieldwork/Observation cycle and Pre-Thesis work at their undergraduate school location while completing their undergraduate degree. They come back to VCFA for their second summer residency after they have earned their BA or BFA. Student Teaching Practicum and completion of the Capstone-Thesis take place at the students chosen location during the second Fall/Winter/Spring Semesters.

If you are a senior or have already earned your undergraduate degree, please see the About the MAT page for more info.

Visit the About the MAT, MAT Curriculum, Faculty, Tuition & Scholarships, and MAT for BFA Admissions pages for more details.


Who is eligible? Students who have completed their undergraduate Junior Year, majoring in any media/material, and are in good standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

I am a BA student majoring in Art, am I also eligible? Yes, if you are a BA student who will have a minimum of 30 credit hours in studio art by the end of their senior year, you are eligible for this accelerated program.

Can I get certified to teach in California? In Kansas? Vermont certification through VCFA is reciprocal with all 50 states, DC, Guam the DDOE and the province of British Columbia.

Do I need to move to Vermont? No, you do not need to move to Vermont. The program has one 4 week long Summer Residency each year.

Is there a track for working with a special needs population? The VCFA MAT program has a specific methodology course for teaching students with special needs, as well as a practicum opportunity with special needs students during the summer residency.

How is this program different than other MAT programs? Our summer low-residency Master of Arts in Teaching degree focuses solely on Art & Design Education. We further emphasize Design Education by including a specific methodology course in Media Arts, and a course on teaching media and visual literacy. Our faculty are top in their area of academic and practical focus, and are from all across the country.

Is this an online program? The VCFA MAT is not an online program. Student come to VT for one 4-week Summer Residency each year, and work under the guidance of their advisor and other faculty members during the fall, winter and spring.

Who will supervise my student teaching? Your student teaching will be supervised by your mentor teacher at your practicum site, your VCFA Faculty Advisor, and the VCFA Practicum Coordinator.

What does the program cost? The MAT tuition is $25,000 per year, plus $2000 for each summer residency (includes room and board), and a $2000 practicum fee during the 2nd year.

How does this program compare with others around the country for cost? The VCFA MAT degree is half or less than half as much as other comparable Art Education programs at private art colleges.

How will I pay for this program? This graduate program is covered under Graduate+ Loans, as well as Federal Unsubsidized student loans. The federal government offers a loan forgiveness program to teachers. Additionally, VCFA offers merit scholarships.

I don’t have 30+credit hours of studio art, am I eligible for admissions? 30+ credit hours of studio art, (including design, film, etc.), are a requirement for certification, and must be obtained prior to starting your student teaching practicum. If, upon application, you only need a few more credits to reach 30, please contact the VCFA Program Director to talk about possible options.

How will I find observation sites? For their observation cycle students will work with the VCFA Fieldwork/Observation supervisor to secure observation sites. Students are expected to take a proactive role in identifying and recommending great art education observation options in their area.

How will I secure a student teaching placement? Students’ teaching placement will be facilitated by the VCFA Practicum Coordinator, but student input and collaboration are welcome and encouraged. Student age/grade preference, potential media focus, proximity to one’s home, etc., are all important factors. Across the country each county and/or school district will have its own rules regarding student teacher placement. The process should start during the winter of a students first year.

What about museum education? The VCFA MAT offers courses that lead to Pk-12 teaching licensure in Art & Design Education. While we don’t offer courses specific to museum education, many museum education programs look for the Pk-12 license credential when hiring. Our workshop faculty includes museum educators, community arts organizers, and museum/gallery curriculum developers.

Philosophy: The Six Commitments of the MAT/MAADE at VCFA

Administrative Staff:

Jennifer Skinder
Program Director
[email protected]
866.934.8232, ext. 8553

Brittany Powell
Assistant Program Director
[email protected]

Residency Dates

Summer 2018: July 8 - August 4, 2018

VCFA partners with a select group of art colleges to create fully supported BFA/MAT dual degrees. Students from these institutions benefit from partnering school advising, a direct understanding that supports the admissions process, school specific merit scholarships, and further support while enrolled as a teaching candidate from their undergraduate institution.

VCFA is pleased to partner with Cornish College of the Arts, Laguna College of Art + Design, Ringling College of Art + Design, and The New School/Parsons.

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