'Be Yourself' Thais MatherIn her statement Thais writes: “Over the last year I have poured myself into a line of visual research about the value of; cultural artifacts, everyday objects, archeological truisms, and the objectification of culture. When we think to the future of our own history, it sits in a space of speculation, in which cultural artifacts and identities mixed and mingled become there own form of working fiction. Through an exploration of objects from mostly Western culture throughout history, I came to identify that men are signifiers of the creation of culture, and women are objects of culture, or portrayed as cultural victims. I began to think of women as “The Anonymous Author,” as the true creators of human culture (since we literally create it), although we are condemned by our own creation, while a fictitious male God is praised for the creation of humanity. My thesis led me to think of my subjective experience as a lived feminist artist, who is often not taken seriously or repeatedly asked to defend myself and my stance; while, like most women, I quietly create culture.

The installation is comprised of mostly pointillist drawings, each with thousands of microscopic dots, which create a hyper real image, and speak to the concept of the continual labor of creation. Sculptural pieces highlight condensing eras throughout history to signify “The Predicament of Culture.”