Graduate Studies in Art & Design Education

Professional Development

The department of Graduate Studies in Art & Design Education offers non-matriculated enrollment opportunities for licensed art and design educators, classroom teachers, and other subject area educators looking to build connections and collaborative efforts with the arts, social justice, art and design thinking, etc. Our innovative and contemporary practice focused courses and workshops are offered during our summer residency, on our beautiful Vermont campus. Broaden your horizons while staying local!

Our curriculum is specific to the needs of creative educators in the 21st century. We offer a rigorous course of study that connects students with leading educators and mentors in the field. Our courses are focused on innovative pedagogic approaches, contemporary art and design practice, the exploration of new materials and techniques, the inclusion of social justice and diversity into a contemporary curriculum, special needs inclusion, effective utilization of the new National Core Arts Standards, innovative methodology, and developing a reflective practice. Our workshops can be taken in conjunction with our courses, or as stand alone experiences.

Our students share a deep desire to educate, a belief in the transformative power of the arts, and the need for flexibility to stay in their home environment while they progress academically and professionally, while building personal, local, and national communities that continue to thrive well beyond our campus.

Tuition and Fees

Non-Degree seeking students pay a per-credit rate for courses, workshops and independent study. VCFA has followed state mandated professional development standards for teachers, with a per credit rate of $660. There will be a $12 materials fee per workshop.

Application Process

Licensed educators looking to enroll in our Graduate courses as non-degree seeking students should submit the following directly to the program director via email: [email protected]:

  • copy of state license
  • CV/Resume
  • title of courses or workshops you want to enroll in

Administrative Staff:

Jennifer Skinder

Program Director
866-934-8232, ext. 8553
[email protected]

Course and Workshop Schedule

Our core courses run during our summer residency, meeting for a full day once a week for 4 weeks, with the addition of two Friday integrated studio sessions. Methodology courses are scheduled for consecutive days. Workshops run for 1-4 consecutive evenings. Students can stay and eat on campus for an additional fee. Students have a chance to meet, collaborate, and create the kind of community that’s so important for educators.

Fall and Spring Semesters Independent Study

Professional development students may enroll in Fall Spring independent study credit for either Capstone/Thesis research and writing, or Curriculum/Studio development. Enrollment requires the approval of program director and specified faculty. Independent study students should plan on attending at least once Friday integrated studio session during the summer. Interested educators should contact the program director for more information. Facilitation of independent capstone-thesis research and writing, advising, and cohort discussions are accomplished remotely through technological tools such as blogs, video conferencing, and file sharing.