Graduate Studies in Art & Design Education

About the MAADE

You ignite imaginations. You nurture creativity. You believe in the power of the arts to transform. You are a teacher.

The one year low-residency Master of Arts in Art & Design Education (MAADE) program at VCFA combines a summer semester on our beautiful Vermont campus with fall and spring semesters in the student’s home community. The MAADE is a unique and convenient 30-36-credit Master of Arts degree program for licensed educators.

Our curriculum is specific to the needs of arts educators in the 21st century. Our MAADE students are PK-12 teachers looking to earn a Master of Arts degree in Art and Design Education.  Our students also share a deep desire to reflect on and renew their teaching practice, a belief in the transformative power of the arts, and the need for flexibility to stay in their home environment while they progress academically and professionally.

Summer Residency in Vermont

In July, students converge on our green and gorgeous Vermont campus for a 4-week summer residency. This offers each cohort a chance to meet, collaborate, and create the kind of community that’s so important for educators. Summer residencies include coursework, workshops, symposia, and research opportunities. 

Summer residencies are also the time for students to meet with faculty, request semester advisors, and submit capstone-thesis proposals, before returning home for the fall and spring semesters.  

Fall and Spring Semesters in your Community

After the summer semester, students return home to continue their MAADE education in the communities where they already live and work. The fall and spring semesters are a time for independent study, curriculum development, field research, and thesis work, all under the supervision of distinguished faculty mentors. This low-residency model allows students to nurture community and professional relationships in the education field in the city or region where they already teach, while building a national cohort of colleagues through the program. 

Facilitation of independent capstone-thesis research and writing, studio work review, progress reviews, advising, and cohort discussions are accomplished remotely through technological tools such as blogs, video conferencing, and file sharing. MAADE students are paired with highly qualified Artist  teachers for creative research/studio work  in their home communities, while also remaining engaged members of their VCFA cohort of like-minded educators working together to explore best practice(s) in art and design education.

Philosophy: The 6 Commitments of the MAT/MAADE

Administrative Staff:

Jennifer Skinder
Program Director
[email protected]
866.934.8232, ext. 8553

Residency Dates

Summer 2018: July 8 - August 4, 2018