MFA in Music Composition

"A Tonal Excursion" by Steven Ford (’16)

Steven Ford’s (’16) A Tonal Excursion was performed during the Winter 2015 residency.

From Steven:

"A Tonal Excursion demonstrates a diversity of musical expression. This work is my first attempt to explore the world of the esoteric, the place where Schoenberg, Webern, Berg, and Stravinsky musically resided as composers. Additionally, this composition illustrates my musical journey, fusing canonic material, 12-tone serialism, counterpoint, stretto and my embrace of a new world of deceptive cadences and dissonant harmonies."

Performed by:
Ken Thomson, soprano, alto saxophone
Peter Hess, alto saxophone
Edward RosenBerg III, tenor saxophone
Alexander Hamlin, baritone saxophone

Performance Date: February 10, 2015