MFA in Music Composition

Performance of work by Bradley Turner (’17), Philip W. Riegle (’17), and Eric Sample (’18)

The following three pieces were performed by The City of Tomorrow (wind quintet) at the February 2017 MFA in Music Composition residency:

Four Dioramas of Conversations between two people who were NEVER ACTUALLY TOGETHER OKAY as remembered by a biased narrator who lacks the self-awareness to be ashamed of the pathetic nature of his inclination toward hopeless romanticism  —Bradley Turner

1. Behind the door, in the corner of a dive bar (nearly two years after I embarrassed myself in front of you the first time)
2. When we're crowded by three of your coworkers (including the one who has feelings for you) and for a moment, I appear transcendent
3. When we're finally alone (in an office supply store) and I find the green pens for which you're looking
4. In my apartment, where we admit out loud what we're feeling but simultaneously silently realize this is not going to happen because you think you should marry an engineer or something practical and buy a house and I'm kind of a failure but it's okay because tonight as long as we stop thinking, it feels like we're in love, feels as good as the real thing that might not exist

The Death of My Dog Foxy —by Eric Sample

SAGE/Sapphire —by Philip W. Riegle 

Performed by The City of Tomorrow:

  • Elise Blatchford, flutes
  • Stuart Breczinski, oboe and English horn
  • Rane Moore, clarinets
  • Nanci Belmont, bassoon
  • Leander Star, French horn

Performance Date: February 9, 2017