HManuscriptere’s how it works: you submit 5 pages of writing. This might be poetry, fiction, essay, hybrid form writing, or an excerpt from a novel or a memoir. Our faculty will read and respond to your writing sample. We’ll let you know what strengths we see, and where you might focus energy to improve your craft. 

A manuscript review will give you a small taste of what it’s like to receive feedback from faculty in workshops, thesis advisories, and other classes in the MFA in Writing & Publishing at VCFA. 

It will also give you a springboard for revising your manuscript before you hit “submit” on your MFA applications. 

This is a free opportunity to work toward your dreams. Submit by Halloween, and you’ll hear from us by Thanksgiving. 

  • Deadline for submitting 5 page writing sample is October 31.
  • You’ll hear from us by November 24.
  • Submit by following this link.