Robert Vivian’s Mystery My CountryRobert Vivian, a MFA in Writing faculty member, will release his latest collection next month. Mystery My Country, published by Anchor & Plume Press, is a collection of dervish essays (a species of prose poem) that seeks to unite readers with water and sky, flower and highway, darting fish and all the wonders of the natural world through poetic ache and yearning, a wild seeking utterance of what is true and lasting and alive in the present moment and every moment there ever was or could be.

These prose poems also bear witness to the second birth of a writer who finds himself suddenly stunned by the beauty of the world and his own miniscule place inside it that for reasons he cannot fathom or understand he was given to celebrate, sing about, and cry out to. It is a book intent on a most outlandish but somehow necessary quest for the times we live in, asking again and again in these headlong pages if this same stunning world will take his hand in marriage, even though he has so little to offer it in return.