The Seeming Unreality of Entomology, an erasure book by MFA in Writing faculty member Lawrence SutinThe book is a dream of spacious interspecies unity that also warns against the dire threat of knowing too much and finding it too little. See Double Press previously published faculty member Mary Ruefle’s erasure book, An Incarnation of the Now in 2015.

Here is the See Double Press website’s description of “erasure:” “There are many ways to dance with older texts to create something vividly new. The term “erasure” commonly refers to the method of concealing (erasing) unwanted words so as to highlight the emerging new text. The term “altered” can include the technique of erasing but commonly refers to the use of paint, markers, collage or other media to transform the older text to suit the author’s vision. There are no rules to any of this.”

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