Road TripThe exhibition features individual works from 12 graphic designers along with a collaborative piece that has taken its own “Road Trip.” The piece has traveled from the East to West coasts, and parts in-between. The traditional definition of “a road trip” is an adventure that one goes on with family or friends creating memories. This Road Trip is about connection and reconnection, the literal, metaphorical, personal and internal journeys we’ve taken.

Participating artists include Pam Galvani, Sondra Graff, Kate Gray, Mary Hanrahan, Rachael Hatley, Campbell Mckeogh, Troy Patterson, Lisa Rasmussen, Julie Sittler, Donald Suthard, Bonnie Tanaka, and Terrill Thomas.

Visit the Coni Wolf Gallery, Marketview Arts at York College in York, Pennsylvania if you’re in the area. Or visit their website here. The exhibition runs until Dec. 23, 2016.