Alumni Spotlight

Kate Hosford (WCYA ’11) announces the publication of How the Queen Found the Perfect Cup of Tea (Carolrhoda, March 2017), a picture book about a grumpy and pampered queen who becomes dissatisfied with the tea her butler makes. She decides to travel around the world with her butler in a hot air balloon in search of the perfect cup of tea. With each stop on her journey, the queen encounters friends who expand her horizons in the kitchen and beyond.

Sarah Johnson (WCYA ’11) announces the publication of her debut novel Crossings (Cedar Fort, January 2017), in which a young woman makes a perilous crossing to a foreign land where she’ll discover the truth about a powerful legend and the hope for peace after centuries of conflict.

Asia Freeman (VA ’98), curator at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (DC), welcomed the exhibit “Decolonizing Alaska,” a multimedia visual art exhibit featuring contemporary artists exploring and responding to Alaska’s history of colonization and its emerging influence on sustainability, both environmental and cultural.

Lucinda Bliss (VA ’99) exhibited “Tracking the Border,” the culminating event of a yearlong project supported by a Kindling Grant from the Warhol Foundation. The project focused on Bliss’ navigation of the 611 miles that make up the Maine-Canada border.

Carolyn Walker (W ’04) announces the publication of Every Least Sparrow, her “sometimes devastating, often times humorous, always loving memoir about my daughter, who has the rare Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, and my quest to understand our redefined life.” 

M. Jane Houng (WCYA ’14) announces the publication of Pun Choi: a hotchpotch of Chinese folk and fairy tales.

Jennifer Mason’s (WCYA ’13) feature article “Striking a Balance” appeared in the summer issue of Cobblestone magazine. 

Lynda Graham-Barber’s (VA ’09) newest picture book, Cookie’s Fortune, will be published Fall ’17 by Gryphon Press.

Cassie Beasley (WCYA ‘13) announces Tumble & Blue will be published in August 2017.

Mary Lambert (WCYA ’14) announces the publication of Family Game Night and Other Catastrophes

Jennifer Elliot (Jennifer Long W ‘08) is working on a memoir about sexual healing and her career as a Dominatrix. Her essay, “How BDSM Helped Me Through a Traumatic Childbirth,” was recently published in Cosmopolitan

Catherine Alene (WCYA ’06) announces the publication of The Sky Between You and Me (Sourcebooks), her first young adult poetry novel.

Gilbert Ford (WCYA ’15) illustrated the recently published Soldier Song (Hyperion), an 80-page picture book, written by Debbie Levy, about how music was used in the Civil War. His non-fiction picture book, How the Cookie Crumbled, will be released in October 2017 (Atheneum).

Janet Fox (WCYA ’10) announces the forthcoming publication (fall 2018) of her second middle-grade novel, The Last True Knight.

Ross McMeekin (W ’11) announces his debut novel, The Hummingbirds, will be published in early 2018 (Skyhorse Publishing).

Kelly Beard (W ’16) was awarded 2nd place (out of 420 submissions) in the Tucson Festival of Books, 2017 Literary Awards Competition.

Stephanie Cassatly (W ’07) announces the publication of her memoir, Notice of Release

Martha (Marti) Snell (W ’15) was awarded the Mary Jean Irion Prize from Chautauqua Literary Arts Friends for her poem “Blue Marble.” Her story “Dazzling Dinoflagellates” was published in Streetlight Magazine, Fall 2016. Issue No.19, Web 16 October.

Jason Malli (MC ’13) announces his composition “Per aspera ad astra III for Tambin, Balafon, Medium Gong, Atoke, Gankogui, and Live Processing” will be performed in Concert 20 during the weeklong 2017 New York Electroacoustic Music Festival

Maggie Kast (W ’01) announces the publication of a story in Howlarium from a novella in progress, and a review in the “Stories We Love” section of the Fiction Writers Review.

David Kutz (VA ’16) is exhibiting “The Stranger’s Path,” a 21-foot-long, 210-degree panoramic work that considers the commonality of the modern travel experience, at SoHo Photo Gallery, NYC.

Justin Paige (W’ 15) announces the publication of his poetry collection, Constant Traffic

Paula Cisewski (W ’05) celebrated the simultaneous release of her third and fourth poetry collections in February 2017: The Threatened Everything, which was a 2014 finalist in Burnside Review Books annual contest, and quitter, which won the 2016 Diode Poetry Prize.

Laura Atkins (WCYA ’16) announces the publication of the first in the Fighting for Justice series, Fred Korematsu Speaks Up

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